I'm not sure who drew this, but whoever it was had a lot of talent and imagination.

Alice Cooper: "Black Juju" live 1971

I can't believe I found this vintage clip of Alice Cooper performing "Black Juju" way back in 1971. Excellent sound and video quality, even if the band's overall mix was a bit sketchy. I made the comment on facebook that people compare him to Marilyn Manson, and it's always about who is the most shocking of the two. I will admit that Manson is shocking. That's just about all he is. But where Manson shocks, Cooper DISTURBS, and this is abuntantly evident in this clip. Enjoy nine minutes of pure, dark genius.



After posting this I went to YouTube to scour for old Coop videos. I was surprised by how many I found, so what the hell...


This kind of thing may only be of interest to me, but here you go:


Oh, and here's the first National Lampoon I ever bought. June 1974. I had just turned 12. And people wonder why my sense of humor is so messed up.


Sorry for the lack of activity lately. I haven't gone this long without posting in a long time. When I last apologized I said it was because I had a lot of thinking to do. I still do, I guess, but most of it is already done. It's nothing I'd want to share on this blog, though. At least not at this time. The main reasons I haven't posted lately are:

1. The dog we adopted a few weeks ago demands a lot of attention.
2. I've been doing a lot of writing at the Hello Poetry website, where I am currently at Number Four in the list of Favorite Poets. Not bad for only being there for only being there for about a week. Yesterday I wrote what may well be the best poem I've ever composed. It's called "Rain" and it's at the Bipolar Confessional as well. It's based on a cool idea I came up with earlier that morning...an idea I think would make for an really good movie.
3. With all that poetry writing my wrists have been KILLING me. I'd taken control of the situation fairly well for quite some time, but it's turned bad on me again. I have been under the impression that weather, and changes in the weather, were partly to blame. That may well be so...but it's been fairly stable the last several days, so I just don't know.

That's about it. Hopefully the pain will subside, I will find something to write and/or post about, and we can get this ball rolling again. In the meantime, enjoy the Music Video of the Week below. "The Cisco Kid" by War...BADASS!

Music Video of the Week: War

"The Cisco Kid"


Sireeno, our dog

He just loves my feet. Audio/Video sync is off. Sorry. Someone donate a new video camera to me and it won't happen again.

One of my favorite issues from one of the best magazines ever published. It's been at least 40 years since I bought my first copy of Famous Monsters and even now I miss it.


Nine years down the road...it's still hard to believe something like 9/11 could have happened. All of the thoughts, all of the memorials...it all boils down to one thing. The world we live in today is only 9 years old.