Deal or No Deal Bozo

I just have to post an entry here and say that the lady who was on tonight's Deal or No Deal (CNBC) was very likely the most annoying, obnoxious, retarded person they've ever had on. Man, was I hoping she'd lose big time, but she took a deal of a little over $150,000 and made out better than anyone expected.
I've only recently begun watching the show with any degree of regularity and they've had a few hyperactive, crazed bozos as contestants, but this dingbat took the cake.


A Meaningless List and a Funny Photo (Not in that order...)

Nuns with guns...I find that concept to be quite humorous, don't you?

Nothing to do and no inspiration to write I thought I'd up my post count by presenting this meaningless list of all the books that currently occupy the top level of the bookshelf that stands next to my computer desk.

~~~"Barlowe's Guide to Extraterrestrials" by Douglas Wayne Barlowe
~~~"Barlowe's Guide to Fantasy" by Douglas Wayne Barlowe
~~~"Video Hound's Golden Movie Retriever, 1997" (10 years old now, I should dispose of it, as outdated as it is...alas, it takes up space)
~~~"Selected Poetry" by John Keats
~~~"A Basic Guide to the Prado" by Jose Rogelio Buendia
~~~"Kitsch: The World of Bad Taste" by Gillo Dorfles
~~~"The Norton Scores, Volumes 1 & 2" edited by Roger Kamien
~~~"The Wordsworth Dictionary of Musical Quotations" compiled by Derek Watson
~~~"Springsteen: Point Blank" by Christopher Sandford
~~~"From Metal to Mozart: The Rock and Roll Guide to Classical Music" by Craig Heller
~~~"Revolution in the Head: The Beatles' Records and the Sixties" by Ian MacDonald
~~~"Alternative Rock" by Dave Thompson
~~~"The Enjoyment of Music" by Joseph Machlis
~~~"The World of Twentieth Century Music" by David Ewen
~~~"Music Hound: Rock (the Essential Album Guide" edited by Gary Graff (this one's as outdated as the Video Hound guide...why do I KEEP these???)
~~~"Milton Cross' Encyclopedia of the Great Composers and Their Music Volume 2" by Milton Cross and David Ewen (No, I do not own volume 1...:(...)
~~~"Music of the Twentieth Century" by William R. Martin and Julius Drossin
~~~"Backstreets...Springsteen: The Man and His Music" by Charles R. Cross
~~~"The Waiting Father: Sermons on the Parables of Jesus" by Helmut Thielicke
~~~"City on the Palm of Silence" by S. D. Carpenter (a collection of poems by a friend of mine that he had published)

And remember, it's KILLING time, NOT wasting it.