It's been a long time since I've done one of these, but here's the premise: Whenever I hear a song that I really like, something that I may have bever heard before, I press the Memory button on my XM and save the title, to be compiled on these 10 song wish lists. Easy enough.
I have no idea when I began this particular list, and there were a few that got bumped off by the time I compiled it, but here are the last ten that made the cut,

1. Thomas O'Hearn - "A Quiet Moment"
2. Hello Damascus - "Randy"
3. Death Cab For Cutie - "Transatlanticism"
4. Nickel Creek - "Seven Wonders"
5. Lamb of God - "What I've Become"
6. Ulu - "EMB"
7. Fort Minor - "Where'd You Go"
8. Oppenheimer - "Nine Words"
9. Michael Stearns - "Microtonal Vibrations"
10. The Blood Lines - "Modern Science"


Stones Outtakes

Check out a whole slew of outtakes from the Rolling Stones seminal album Exile on Main Street plus a whole lotta other cool stuff at An Aquarium Drunkard.
It's like digging up buried treasure!