The Year's Over, Here's My Plan

I wouldn't blame anyone for thinking that I'd given up blogging...the last few entries have been short and very infrequent. This is the only post I've made all month, which might as well be over, as close to the end as it is.
The main reason I have for it is that I've been recuperating from the events of last June...in case you missed it (and who could blame you for missing, as it was only hinted at in a meme) I had some "mental problems" last June that knocked me off course on a lot of things. I'm still not at 100% and since I decided (this time) to go ahead and initiate medication, I don't know when (or if) that 100% will ever be realized.
I suffer from depression that makes me question the point of blogging. The part of me that's NOT depressed tells me there doesn't have to be a "point" to blogging, it's just a fun way to kill time. And that's how I should usually look at it...but the depression tells me I don't have anything worthwhile to say, that my opinions are rarely grounded in anything more than what I do and don't enjoy. At any rate, why would anyone want to read them?
So, it's all about beating down the depression demon.
I have hope that the new year will find me victorious over depression, that I will find enjoyment in blogging (maybe even find the time to do some work on the template), all in all to make 07 a very good year (easy enough to say "a better year", cuz that wouldn't take much).
Something else I may do is start a new blog under an "anonymous" pseudonym so that I can be completely, 100% free to speak my mind, to say what I wouldn't say here (or anywhere else for that matter)...I think I should do this as an experiment in discovering "who I am", the good and the bad.
That's probably going to happen and hopefully it won't take too much from what I've been doing here, which has always been more or less about the things in life that entertain and enlighten me (mainly music).
Now I'm going to enlighten myself and when it's all over I can only hope that something like what happened last June will never occur again.
Thanks for checking me out here, and I hope you will return soon.

Merry Christmas, one and all, and a Happy New Year!